BA Eng Lit, MSc Politics, DipHG


Indra Adnan MSc HGIDip:

Writer, Soft Power Consultant, Psycho-social therapist.

For over twenty years, Indra has been writing, consulting, network-building and event-organising in the international arena of soft power, conflict transformation and integral leadership. As founder and Director of the Soft Power Network, she works in both the public and private sphere advising on personal, local and global agency. Recently qualified as a psycho-social therapist, Indra is also a partner in New Integrity management consultancy, founder / Director of The Downing Street Project for balanced leadership and a freelance project director for Compass think tank. Her clients have held senior posts at the World Economic Forum, Indian government, the British Council, the Scottish Executive and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. She writes regularly for The Guardian and The Huffington Post and her e-books Soft Power Agenda and New Times are available on

2015 Management Committee member and freelance project director, COMPASS think tank.

2014 CO-AUTHOR NEW TIMES: how a politics of network and relationship can deliver the Good Society. With Neal Lawson, Director, Compass think tank, UK

2013 AUTHOR, SOFT POWER AGENDA collected writings including speech at NATO, submission to House of Lords Select Committee on Soft Power and Guardian / Huffington Post columns 2006 – 13

2009 – Director, The Downing Street Project: A think and do tank bringing balanced leadership to every area of society, up to and including Downing Street.

2008- Founder, For the exploration and promotion of soft power in all areas of life.

2005- Director, New Integrity (

A personal and organisational consultancy that integrates inner drives with outer practices.

Skills include: Writing strategy and training proposals for management and HR departments, researching, presenting, facilitating, delivering training, creating real time and online discussion forums to support the work, filming and interviewing clients and personnel, writing, designing and editing reports.

Recent projects include: Re-imagining Social Work sponsored by the Scottish Executive / Association of Directors of Social Work

Re-imagining BBC Blast; Barrow-Cadbury Trust: Enhancing Cohesion in a Multicultural Society

2002 – 2004 Director, POIESIS Do+Think Tank

Poiesis: to make or create as in a work of art.

Consulting, producing events & publishing in the areas of the arts, new media, conflict transformation, global economics and play.

Events include: The S Word: the New Frontiers of Spirituality in the Modern World; Towards a Play Ethic; News for a

New Century; World Peace Orchestra @ World Economic Forum

Skills include: Devising events in partnership with major London arts institutions including Power of the Arts Forum with Tate Modern, The S Word and The Play Ethic with the Institute of Contemporary Arts, News for a New World with Guardian Media and the World Peace Orchestra with Music and the Mind at the World Economic Forum. Sourcing international speakers and participants, marketing events, designing and writing programmes.

2000-2003 Associate Programmer ICA, London

Institute of Contemporary Arts – Premier Arts and Talks venue, London

Talk series include: Who Cares? The future for public services;

Re-branding Feminism / Re-branding Men

Skills include: devising programme, writing blurb, producing and marketing events, researching and sourcing participants; chairing forums

Board member Dundee Contemporary Arts

Completed Masters Degree in Politics @ Birkbeck College

1994–2002 Director, Conflict & Peace Forums

Finding and teaching cutting edge conflict transformation

techniques from around the world. Exploring the meaning of

peace and its sustainability in a globalised world.

Projects include: Conflict Transformation – residential training with participants from over 20 countries. Lecture series, day seminars. Power of the Arts – for personal and social transformation. Events, forums, residential workshops.

New Media: developing an alternative to war journalism (see:

Global Corporate Citizenship: Exploring alternatives for the global economy

Skills include: Devising, budgeting and producing programme, researching content, sourcing speakers, marketing courses, organising press coverage, directing hospitality team for speakers and participants, brokering travel and accommodation, running website.

1990-2001 Producer Taplow Court (Annual) Arts Festival

Twice yearly festival of theatre, jazz, pop and classical music, dance, opera, workshop

Skills include: Directing festival, sourcing and booking artists, instructing marketing team, designing, writing and printing programme, budgeting festival, instructing technicians, getting government grants and local business funding

1989 – 2002 UK Director of MIN-ON Concert Association Japan

Facilitating cultural exchange between Europe and Japan

Skills include: Running and budgeting European office of major Japanese cultural organisation. Sourcing and booking artists to travel to Japan, negotiating fee. Arranging travel, visas, carnets etc Travelling with artists to Japan, acting as artists’ liaison, interfacing with Japanese organisation, including press.

1988 – 1989 Director Walk the Plank – Arts organisation.

Management, public relations, tour production.

1986 – 1988 Writer/Producer TAXI Theatre Company.

1985 – 1986 Writer / Associate Editor, Food World News

1984 – 1985 Freelance writing for Vogue and Indonesian Lifestyle magazines Jalan and Wanita

Recent writings to be found at:

Lecturers and participants in my events over the years include – Media: Jon Snow, Lesley Hilsum, Fergal Keane, Alan Rusbridger, Madeleine Bunting, Maggie O’Kane, Philp Knightley, Nick Pollard, Sue Lloyd Roberts, Danny Schechter, Patrick Younge, Will Hutton. Activists of all kinds: Anita Roddick, Pat Kane, Douglas Rushkoff Geoff Mulgan, Johan Galtung, Larry Hollingworth, Gabrielle Rifkind, Scilla Ellworthy, Business: Klaus Schwab, Hazel Henderson, Ed Mayo, Gill Coleman, Sundeep Waslekar, Tessa Tennant, Judith Large, Titus Alexander Science: Julian Barbor, Maggie Boden, Brian Goodwin, Rupert Sheldrake, Andrew Samuels, Semir Zeki Spirit: Don Cupitt, Danah Zohar, Satish Kumar, Erik Davis, Mike Eales, Shelley Sacks. Arts: Herbie Hancock, Paul Robertson, John Tusa, Simon McBurney. PARTNERS INCLUDE: TATE MODERN, Dept for International Devpt; NESTA, World Economic Forum, MILLENNIUM FUND

Qualifications MSc Politics and Administration (Birkbeck)

BAhons Eng Lit (London University)

Human Givens Socio-psychotherapist (HGDip)

Member of TRANSCEND network

Certificate in Positive Psychology City University

Contact details:

Soft Power Network / New Integrity, 38 Fitzjohn’s Avenue, London NW35NB, UK

+44 (0)207 443 9404 / 9417 mobile: 07785 770 424

Twitter @indraadnan

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